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Welcome to the Bulldog Library!

Welcome to the Bulldog Library! I'm so excited for the learning that will take place this year in the library. Students will engage in weekly lessons that foster and enhance critical thinking, exploration, and discovery through print and electronic materials and 21st century tools. This page includes access to the library online catalog, reference materials, and education websites that will continue to enhance your child's learning. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any assistance.

Ms. Chambers, Library/Media Specialist


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Policies and Procedures

  • Students will receive orientation during the first week of school to review library rules and procedures.
  • Students are allowed to check out books during weekly class sessions and return/renew the following class.
    • Kindergarten-1st Grade-1 book
      • Kindergarten will keep in classroom for Quarter 1
    • 2nd Grade-5th Grade- 2 books

***Note: The number of books may increase during the year.

  • Overdue notices will be given to homeroom teachers quarterly.
  • All materials must be returned by the end of the year.

Lost or Damaged Books:

Students are expected to return books in the same condition as received. If books are lost or damaged, students will be responsible for the cost of the replacement.

Technology Policies:

Chromebooks/iPads are to be used for reading online books and completing school work.


Alexandria Online Catalog Capstone MackinVia

Select print and eBooks in our school library collection. Interactive Graphic e-books Select eBooks. Single Sign In username and password.

Epic! ReadTheory

Select books to read or have read aloud to you. Online reading and writing activities.

Sign up with Google account to track progress.

Research and Reference Materials

Weather, History, Predictions, Forecasts

Dictionary, Thesaurus with pictures

World's largest museum, education and research complex

Dictionary, Thesaurus

Dictionary, Thesaurus, Almanac,

Atlas, Encyclopedia, Timelines

Dictionary, Thesaurus

Research database